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Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Really Possible To Make Money Online?

Yes it is. Just make your mind that you are going earn money online.

How I Can Make Money Online In India?

There are so many ways to make money online. Some are good and some are not. First you should learn filter the bad ones. One example is: how to earn money without investment through mobile.

How Much I Can Earn Every Month? Is There Any Limit?

It totally depends on your self. The more you work the more you earn. There is no limits. People are earning from few hundreds rupees to many thousand rupees.

Can I Earn Monthly Enough Money So That I Can Leave My Current Job?

Yes that is true. You can leave the job easily, even you can earn much more than the regular job. But we recommend first you should be confident for doing so.

How I Will Receive Money That I Earned Online?

There are many ways, you can receive money by direct bank transfer, by check, etc. This depends from the company to company. Make sure you know the payment method and frequency before starting any online work.

Are There Any Taxes That I Need To Pay?

It is same as your normal earning in India. No difference, If you are liable to pay tax then you have to pay. Just consult with CA for more information.

Is It Legal To Earn Money From Other Countries Online While I Am In India?

Yes it is completely LEGAL. You are bringing money in your country from other countries, this is making India richer and stronger. This work is helping Indian economy because of you.

Which Is The Easiest Way To Make Money Online In India?

There is nothing easy once we didn’t know. Everything is difficult without guidance and when we don’t know the right process. After understanding the right procedure, making money will become easy then. See earn money online in India for different ways of starting online income.

Which Things I Should Consider First?

In beginning we don’t know the right path. Fist you should find a genuine and good earning option that is suitable to you. Don’t fall for scam jobs. There are many fake people and companies in India. Just be safe from them.

How To Avoid Fake Companies?

Always analyze the details of the website/company who is offering online work. You can check online reviews and search Internet about the background of the company. Plus you should use your common sense.

Is Free Learning Possible?

Yes. Internet has given all of us this opportunity. Today you can learn almost anything for free of cost and the online earning is no different. Just search how to earn money on YouTube and you will see many videos.

Do You Give Any Online Job?

No. We don’t provide any online jobs/works. We just provide information which is free of cost.

Why Are You Providing Free Information?

We have seen many people are struggling to get good online jobs. And some fake companies are taking advantages of those people. Therefore we try to guide the right way of earning and saving people from fake companies/websites. We have implemented publisher advertising here to generate basic revenue for our website/server expenses.

What is The Best Option for Online Jobs/Works?

The best option will depend on you and your capabilities. Don’t go for joining any company for work, instead you can do online work independently. The better options would be blogging, affiliate marketing, freelancing are going well. Mind you each work will demand hard-work.


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