How To Draft Awesome Application Letter for The Job – Best Structure

When you are applying for a job which is the most important thing that interviewers checks first time. Yes its application letter. The application letter is the first interaction between you and the employer. Whether it’s an online job or an off-line job work the application matters the most.

So when the importance of this is so high then drafting a good one is essential. Therefore today I am showing you how you can draft your awesome application letter that will leave an impact.

Job Application Letter

Proper Formatting is Must

When we are writing any letter the ethics says there should be a good format. Same thing applies for the job application letter. Here so many formats and styles are available. You can follow any of them. But I’m here showing you my own writing style.

The Header Part

The very first part to start with is what I called it header part. I always write employer’s contact information on the top left hand side.It starts with the date in the first line. Then in second line I write the position of the employer. And then followed by the address. After this I write email address of the company.

Ideally it should look like this:

  • Today’s Date
  • Employer’s Position
  • Office Address
  • Email Address

The Body Part

Now comes the body and the middle part of the letter.Now here you should write the subject of your application. After this you can move further. Then I start with the greeting, it looks like:

Dear Mr. XYZ
Respected Authorities,

Then I write the main content of the letter here. First of all I talk about how I am excited about the vacancy in your company. Then I briefly explain about myself and my skills. Then I show them that I can be a good candidate for your company if you give me a chance. And things like that.

The Footer Part

Now in the end, I conclude everything and say them thanks. Then on the lower left hand side of the letter I write my contact information. In the very first line I write my name followed by my signature. Then I write my contact number and address and email. That’s it.

The people I use is typically an A4 size piece of good quality paper. And I 3-fold it in full inside an envelope.
That envelope contains the contact information of the employer on the front side as well as the subject mentioned.
On the backside of envelope I like my contact information.

Things To Remember

There are some key points that you should follow in order to leave a good impact on the employer. When you apply for a job your personality will be going to reflect with your job application. So you should write with a good handwriting and try to avoid ink pens. There should not be any spelling or grammatical mistakes. The letter should be clean with well structured sentences. The quality of the paper is also need to be excellent.

There should not be any dirty finger stamps or similar on the paper. It should look super clean and white. If you can get it printed that will be better. Always choose Times new Roman and the font size 12 pixels. The color of the font should be black. And avoid using other colors (unless it’s an creative job). The language of the letter should look formal. At last when the letter inside the envelope always glue the envelope in a manner so that it can be opened easily. Never put too much glue.

Don’t compromise any one of these. Just follow this practice and you’re good to go.

  • It should be clean
  • Keep the language formal
  • properly structure
  • Use only black colour text
  • Use “Times new Roman” Font
  • with 12 points size
  • Glue envelop properly


So this is about me how I draft job application letter. I recommend you all that you should also follow this practice. I hope this will give you a good result in future. The chances of selecting our 50 to 60% done with the first impression by your job application letter.

So that’s it guys, I hope you like it. Thanks.